On Writing

Instant Poetry #NPM2020

Did you see the beautiful morning light? It came in like a hug from the sun, and oh how it lifted my spirit!

That was some post yesterday. I hope you’re still my friends! I promise the bull has gone back to pasture…away, away, away. Please don’t stop sending me things on socials! I am reading and liking and loving what is there, I promise.

It’s April! April is National Poetry Month. Soooo exciting! Today as part of school for Miller, she worked in a fine little book called Instant Poetry. (Hit up your local bookstore to order it!)

Here are some of her poems.


If you’re on Facebook – be sure to follow Windsor’s first Youth Poet Laureate, Samantha Badaoa. She’s reading a poem every day this month!

Congratulations to Sam and another Windsor poet Laurie Smith on their brand-spankin’ new collections of poetry that ‘virtually’ launched on March 29th (Black Moss Press).

Watch their video here!

Have you written a poem today?

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