On Writing



Sigh into a comfortable seated position
Inhale deeply
Let your rib cage crack open
Reach in and gently remove your heart
(this will not hurt)
Rest it on your left knee

Let your breath steady
Close your eyes
Invite your soul to exit through the opening in your chest
The soul moves at its own pace 

When your soul peeks out, offer your right palm
Let your soul jump into it
(this will not hurt)
Rest your open, soul-filled right palm on your right knee

Pull your shoulders back
Drop your shoulder blades


You will feel your earlobes tingle
Heat will paint the cartilage in your ears
Let the words flood into your canals tubes drums
Outer – middle – inner

Keep breathing

Let your stomach digest the meanings of the words
This may begin to cause pain 

When your heart starts trembling
Keep listening

When your soul starts shriveling
Keep listening


Let the words penetrate
(this will hurt)


At this point you will want to open your eyes
Stuff your heart and soul back into your body
Stand up and scream
Be angry
Drench in shame

Do what you will

Yin takes time

When you are ready return to a comfortable seated position
Repeat all steps gently

The words still clattering in your intestines will calm

Taste the meanings
Hold them in your cells like white healing light

Hear Love’s knitting needles begin to click
Witness Love’s purling of the words into the scarf of your life’s wisdom


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