On Writing

Poem 45 – Dedication


a name held in quotations
ink-embraced – eternal

love underlined
a precipice
a spine cupid’s arrow arrived

nineteen years of yesterdays
meet again today

lovers on the page
for us to emulate

The funny thing is I can’t remember if this book was gifted or if I purchased it myself? I suppose it doesn’t matter. The gift is that I have it and it’s a constant force of love in my writing life.

On this day of love celebration, I hope love is alive and thriving in your life. Dedicate this day to reading and writing love letters, love poetry, love notes…watch an epic love story on film. My favourite is The Way We Were, but there are so many. Get dressed up. Brush your teeth. French kiss your partner. Hug your kids and pets. If you are alone, hug yourself. Give yourself pleasure in as many ways as you can.

Of course, spread love on this day – and all days.

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