On Writing

Poem 46 – Mary


When she opens her eyes
the first thing she sees
is Hope – how it leans 
at the foot of her bed
holding up the cheek 
of dawn – directing light
on Mary’s heart 

She is tired Her body
a trunk heavy with the
weight of being the change
today there is much to do
as there was yesterday as
there will be tomorrow

Passion ruffles Mary’s tummy
she smiles     stretches
Henry is already awake
dressing by the window
he turns to Mary in the
golden light – blows
her a kiss

When she sits up
swings her legs over
the side of the bed
her toes anticipate
the cool of the wood
floor but pressing down
soles to standing
the feeling beneath
her is warmth

The sun supports
Mary’s goodness
offers its heated devotion

Mary will teach write
organize gather and lead
she will do this every day
beyond her body –
expanding her self into 
the lives of the black
the white the all who 
have life because life
is for living freely for
floors heated by the sun
for a kiss on the shoulder
of a morning breath for a 
bed a home a school a 
newspaper a constant
delivering of hope

When Mary opens her eyes
she sees what too many people
cannot see – she knows her
Fate is to illuminate the invisible
to distribute the impossible 
she knows she can because
these miracles are spinning
alive within her

The voices of the fugitives
move through her symphonic
she is a conduit a master
for change an owner of freedom 
destined to slice the shackles of racism
melt metal with education
reuse the elements – recreate
community in the dusty streets
of a small town that is bigger 
than the universe

This poem was inspired by information in the City of Windsor’s culture e-blast about Mary E. Bibb and her husband Henry. Research includes: https://www.citywindsor.ca/Newsroom/Pages/Windsor-Names-Mary-E-Bibb-Park-in-Sandwich-Town-as-Part-of-Black-History-Month.aspx and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tchtoyUGpzE and https://blackhistorythetruthgoingforward.wordpress.com/2016/02/13/fugitive/

3 thoughts on “Poem 46 – Mary

  1. This poem is wonderful! I’m so glad it was inspired by Mary E.Bibb. I drove by the Mary E.Bibb Park a few weeks ago. Wonderful to see this!

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