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Poem 58 – Make Lists & Learn

Make Lists & Learn

Anna Julia Cooper
Mary Church Terrell
Mary MacLeod Bethune
Florynce “Flo” Kennedy
Byllye Avery
Angela Davis

this list &
others that
fill pages & 

education breeds compassion
compassion spreads love
love motivates action

Research: 33 things every girl should know about women’s history: from suffragettes to skirt lengths to the E.R.A edited by Tonya Bolden (Thank you, Rebecca, for giving me this book!)

There’s a full moon in Virgo tonight. Don’t forget to go outside and howl. May the wolves run wild tonight!

2 thoughts on “Poem 58 – Make Lists & Learn

  1. Great poem Vanessa, so positive, so true! Education brings “ freedom “. That’s why It was a criminal offence to “ teach a black child how to read “. Check out “ Huckleberry Finn”,by Mark Twain, a book still forbidden in Many southern libraries in the USA!

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