On Writing

Poem 59 – Feasts


on the shoulder of this drizzle-heavy Sunday morning
I rest my head in contemplation

my stomach growls hungry for a meal in a fancy restaurant
of grand tastes shared with friends who sit close enough
to reach a fork-full of tastes into each other’s mouths

Barack and Michelle, Oprah, Micheal, Lawrence, Candice, Irene,
Langston, Maya, Toni and Audre – oh, there are gangs of us
seated together leaning in nuzzling ideas between sips of bubbly
and gulps of 

it’s a strange time that to envision sharing a meal
seems a different shade of relating   stranger still
that for 28 days the collective goal is to devour a 
certain recipe of history when that devouring should
never end

what I learn is that it is critical to keep learning and face
the facts of all the ingredients in the unfinishable feast
that is human interaction    

what I learn is that to dream of exchanging dialogue and 
dessert with friends across time and space is how change

may we always be hungry for compassionate sharing
sit to table or bench or ground in the dreamland of 
living the impossible

these feasts are feats of collective communion 
eat up! indulge! shout opa! and cheers! and salut!
on the brave breaths of infinite beginnings that turn
to spreads that last for hours and hours   each of us
drunk on love heavy with hope and itching with 

2 thoughts on “Poem 59 – Feasts

  1. Just GORgeous, beauty-full, powering, and delicious! Everything is evolving,unfolding and becoming. My life is not the same as it was yesterday,  and thank You, it will not be the same tomorrow. I move from good to greater good. Conditions in the outer world may change, but Your presence is constant and sure.


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