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Poem 62 – Ode to my Moustache

Ode to my moustache

soft now
after a pair of weeks
from black dots
in pink skin
like seeds in
tasty fruit
with the hormonal
hurry of my moontime
tender pimples
distracting my eyes
as you lengthen
into a velvet field
of darkness
despite your right
to be there
I spread cold
smelly Nair over
you in vain
wait ten minutes
feel the tingling burn
then wipe you off
with a tissue
your pieces 
drowning in 
you are the thing
I keep getting rid of
yet you keep
coming back
like a persistent
lover mad with
the foreplay of
kissing my lip
Oh moustache!
I adore your
constant push
for life despite
my reactive 
you show me
how to emerge
with grace while
accepting the
fate of your 
I learn from you,
even as I
singe you away
today, my friend
I will leave you
cover you with
my flowered mask
pet you with my
fingertips as I 
ponder like my
father used to
do with his thick
black mouth mane

One thought on “Poem 62 – Ode to my Moustache

  1. love this Vanessa!

    sending it to Zoe because she has a sequence/poem about a moustache in her film that she made…


    On Wed, 3 Mar 2021 at 11:10, VANESSA SHIELDS, writer wrote:

    > Vanessa Shields posted: ” Ode to my moustache soft nowafter a pair of > weeksgrowingfrom black dotsin pink skinlike seeds intasty fruitgrowingwith > the hormonalhurry of my moontimepreparationtender pimplesdistracting my > eyesas you lengtheninto a velvet fieldof darknessgrowingdesp” >


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