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Poem 71 – My Son, the Passionate Shepherd

My Son, the Passionate Shepherd

Oh what a joy when this poet’s son
reveals his choice for his grade nine
poetry recitation

Oh what divinity when he stands tall
yawps out Christopher Marlowe’s
‘The Passionate Shepherd to his Love’

as I fold clothes in the cobwebbed 
laundry room   my back to his words
because he’s shy for me to watch him

Oh what heart’s explosion
to know that of all the poems
this poet’s son chooses love

Marlowe’s love in epic love expression
as I bid him farewell on this
dewy Friday morning this poet jokes

Oh how the herd will swoon as you
pronounce this outpouring of love

his cheeks crimson and his eyes roll

But he hugs me tightly and I thank 
him profusely for falling into poetry’s 
romantic landscapes as he walks

Away toward school
oh what grand ignition
this passion for love

In this poet’s son – I yell behind him
come live with me and be my love!
he turns back and waves

Of course he does
this poet’s son
he turns back and waves

The story in the above poem happened last night and this morning. I’m still reeling with joy! And my son is in his English class reciting Christopher Marlowe’s incredible poem The Passionate Shepherd to his Love. You can read it here: The Passionate Shepherd to his Love. Thank you to English teachers everywhere for keeping poetry alive in their classrooms! Thank you to Poetry in Voice, Canada’s extraordinary recitation and poetry hub, for creating a space to connect kids with poetry and poets with kids and poetry to the world – and making it cool as all heck!

I can say without hesitation that I fall into the realm of parents who sometimes choose to live vicariously through their children! On this day…when my son recites a love poem with confidence and skill though…this is pretty special. Poetry holds a very special place in our lives/home. And he chose this beautiful love poem of the hundreds he could have chosen. I’m so proud! Also, it’s so fun to jest with him about swooning classmates and the forthcoming experiences with love I know he will have. Sigh.

To love poetry! To love! To Friday!

The Allie Sunshine Project is hosting another four-week course. If you’re interested, here are the details!

Springtime Wellness Series

Connected Living, Nurturing the Spirit through Nature

Time to Come Alive!

Join us in exploring and learning from nature, guided by local naturalists, gardeners, guides, and nature lovers. We will engage in activities with soil, crystals, seeds, woodlots, buds, birds, fresh air, stillness, and peaceful reflection.

Offered on Wednesday evenings in April, from 6:30 to 8:30. The first two sessions will be via zoom. Weeks three and four will be in person, with social distancing and masks required, provided outdoor gatherings are allowed at that time.

Limited to 10 participants.

Wellness Series fee: four wks.: $120.00 due with registration (includes materials).

To reserve your spot, Email Lynn Hayes at: lhayes@thealliesunshineproject.com


Week 1, April 7Hands in the Soil: Garden Planning

Facilitated by Brandi Bechard of Ground Culture

We will cover the basics of how to plan, prepare and enjoy a garden that is tailored to your unique space and needs. (zoom meeting)

Week 2, April 14Introduction to the Chakras with Tracey Rogers of White Feather Holistic Arts

We will be learning what chakras are, and how paying attention to them can improve our health and wellness. (zoom meeting)

Week 3, April 21Forest Therapy in the Allie Sunshine Project Healing Garden

Guest Facilitator Jessica Middleton, Certified Forest Therapy Guide will guide us to meditative connections in a diverse natural setting. Location: 252 West Pike Creek Rd. Lakeshore

Week 4, April 28Woods Walk and Plant Identification with Brandi Bechard

Learn how to identify some familiar plant species that you would commonly find on a walk in the woods. Location: Devon Woods, Division Rd. Windsor

Series will be Facilitated by Lynn Hayes, Education Guide of The Allie Sunshine Project

And here’s a special shout out to writer Tracey who yesterday held her official proof for her forthcoming memoir! The Gertrude’s Writing Room family and community congratulates you!

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