On Writing

Poem 90 – Style


silver rings
pulling & shining with diamond dust
use – fingers flailing or holding or feeling heat
cold    the wetness of transformation 
moonstone & pearl

red jeans thigh tight
but flexible   single roll hem
secrets bundled inside & legacies too

two necklaces
mala & lapis for pause & prayer
infinite circles rubbing heart centre 
protective     singing

earrings that dangle or giggle  turtles 
rainbows feathers roses 
earlobe seats for the theatre
of the face

full round red-cheeked emotional
weeping laughing curling in confusion
hiding behind smiles
breaking out in vulnerability
dimples for dreaming

pins: book-ish   best seller  read more

short hair grey white flecks of dark
long enough to cover nipples
perhaps one day

terrified stacked in vertebrae
spine curling into punctuation

mini skirts
curly armpit hair
hippy boho wild
timid turtleneck black


Tune in this evening for Dream Poet for Hire Marshall James Kavanaugh’s book launch! Marshall does his own version of poetry on demand – all around the world! He and I will be talking poetry in June as part of my virtual book tour, so I thought it might be a rad idea for y’all to catch his book launch this evening to feel and hear his amazing poetry!

Here are the details:

March 31st at 8PM EST for the online release party for #TravelByHaiku!


The show is FREE to attend. You need to RSVP to get the Zoom link. With your ticket, you can also purchase a signed copy of the new book.

The night will include a dynamic range of spoken word, music, live puppetry, dance, and video art performances by @marianmclaughlin, @lindoyes, @cookietonguemusic, @righteoustpoet, @amberreneepoet, @juliadayedot, @typewritertroubadour, @ladyvalore, @seraphicromancerotstruth, @lakeswholelakes, @jafarbarron, @gardensforthelush, @movedtomove and Ethan Foote, @titwillo, @b.l.stern, @__streetrat, @thegreatbard, @gusplusgus, @magiccabaretprojects, @breadfrown, & so much more. (at Rittenhouse Square)

Dream Poet for Hire Marshall James Kavanaugh

2 thoughts on “Poem 90 – Style

    1. Thanks Lynn! It’s my fav line in the poem. When i wrote it, a voice in my head said: whoa, that’s something! Lol. Glad you felt it too! 🙂


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