On Writing

Poem 94 – New Book Hangover & Book Reveal!

new book hangover

more like hang on
I clutched her to my pounding chest
most of the day – placed her gently
on a counter
the table
always in eyes’ delight sight
in arm’s caress hand’s press

my heart is bound paper
poetry in fine linen
pages aflutter

Yesterday was an incredible day! I met my dear publisher Aimee at Gertrude’s Writing Room and we opened a box of ‘thimbles’ books!

After unloading and my yelping and squealing, we settled in for me to sign some books…

Oh, I’m just so happy I can’t even talk! Just smile and smile and smile! Those who’ve put orders in should be receiving signed copies in the post soon. I have copies as well, so now you can purchase them directly from me, if you’d like. If you’d like me to sign your copy at the launch, just let me know. I will also sign copies that will go in the post too.

Thank you so much, Aimee and the Palimpsest Press family! I’m just…overflowing with joy and gratefulness!


Do enjoy the treats that come your way today! We’re heading to play outside, go for a bike ride and suck in the gorgeous Spring air!

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