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Poem 95 – Moving tombs

Moving tombs

Cairo’s streets shift into 
light-laden pathways for pharaoh
tombs on the move

A slow-paced spectacle of 
twenty-two royal mummies
serenaded by symphony & song
paraded along the Nile corniche
to a new resting place

Ramses II & Hatshepsut 
arms folded in time
over chests unmoving
under camera’s eyes in 
vehicles made to mimic
death boats – surely there
is a stirring…

And the Curse flits
like a lullaby on solemn lips
in stormy shades thrown daggers
on the people – a ship stuck
in a canal a virus toiling in blood
trains colliding on their tracks

These dead do not want to be moved
even under grand pomp
no circumstance is too noble
for pharaoh grave migration

Or maybe… Hatshepsut
her fine ghostly form
sits atop her mimic boat
stroking her fake beard in
contemplation – her legacy 
already once nearly erased

Some 3000 years later she flexes
her muscles    waves
adoration putting pause
on any of her cursing

Research for this poem:


NPM – Egyptian Poets

To read poetry written by Egyptian poets, CLICK HERE.

“I am the sea in its guts. The pearl is lurking. So did they ask the diver about my shells”
– Hafez Ibraham

Photo: Hatshepsut


The 36th Banister Poetry Contest 
Dr. Elspeth Cameron will be this year’s judge for the Niagara Branch of Canadian Authors Association poetry contest, open to residents of Ontario. All poems must be in English and not under consideration elsewhere. Entry fee is $15 for up to three poems and $4 for each additional poem. Number of entries is unlimited. Prizes are: 1st prize: $300; 2nd prize: $200; 3rd prize: $100. Please feel free to share this information with your writing groups and friends. Stay safe. Stay sane.
For details: www.canauthorsniagara.org/poetry-contest/  Deadline is May 31st, 2021

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