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Poem 105 – Anisoptera & Event tonight!

Anisoptera from Greek – uneven wing

Clothes on the line catching wind in lieu
of the broken dryer
the dragonfly lands on my grey tank top
gripping the neckline like a prehistoric necklace charm

The kids marvel
my mom asserts it’s Nonna
come to visit
I feel a tug in my chest in that
deep place that reminds me
I’m an alien – a foreigner on
a planet I know little about

The dragon fly’s eyes take up
most of its head so it can see
everywhere but directly behind
imagine having no past

Yet its past is remarkable
zipping on earth for 300 million years
what’s more – its fossilized wingspan
measured two feet

I crouch close
examine its long abdomen
its four shimmering wings
mere inches on each side now
where did they go – the rest
of its wings?

A kind of miracle this creature
with no past & shrunken wings
dusty like wishes on stars existing
somewhere I can’t see but can feel
in my rhomboids twitching in the
memories of my own disappeared pinions


In discussion with YA author Danielle Younge-Ullman and Emily Anderson. This event is organized by Literary Arts Windsor. I’ll be introducing these fabulous literary gems!



Rattle is a literary magazine and online powerhouse of poetry. They have incredible contests for writers, including a spectacular anthology for youth poets. From writing about the news to ekphrastic contests, Rattle is poet’s dream hub for learning and love the craft of poetry.

One thought on “Poem 105 – Anisoptera & Event tonight!

  1. Hi Vanessa, This is a very powerful poem- the dragonfly is a powerful and meaningful symbol.

    “Imagine having no past”. Yes, just imagine!

    Keep writing!



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