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Poem 110 – Daisy Duplex

Daisy Duplex
A poem about the daisy for Miller

Bellis perennis daes eage
Day’s eye daisy dawn’s blinking blossom

Daisy dawn’s blossom blinks
Plinked from the field for fortune

Fortune’s field her petals pulled
By fingers in need of divinity

Fingers need divine guidance
Love or not love petals proclaim

Proclamations of love torturous
Death to the daisy that divines

The daisy dies for love
Affection blossoms in the pulling

Can love blossom in a single petal pull?
Bellis perennis daes eage – love is day’s eyes rising


Oh, I’m *loving* all the incredible feedback and stories and love that y’all are sharing with me as you read through ‘Thimbles’! Thank you! This is a photo of a thimble collection from a reader. She’d quite forgotten she had this sweet collection, and when she started reading ‘Thimbles’, it showed itself to her once again! I love being wrapped up in the warm embraces of your stories and connections. Keep ’em coming!


Oooweeemama! We’re down to single digits in the day count toward the big virtual launch! I have to decide what to wear! I know for sure what I’ll be eating to celebrate: cheesecake. So. Much. Cheesecake. Here’s the registration info for the zoom link if you’d like to join us!

Topic: Thimbles Hometown Launch
Register in advance for this webinar:https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_2tEPlPPzSx-j9YbJUwJOFA

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Books are selling super well! Thank you! If you’d like your copy signed ‘live’ at the virtual event, please let me or Palimpsest Press know when you purchase a copy of the book. You can purchase from the press or from me.

To order from the press, CLICK HERE.

To order from me, send me an email at shieldsvanessa@gmail.com. Thank you!

Congratulations Jane Christmas!

I had a blast at Jane Christmas’ workshop on Humour Writing at the gritlit festival this past weekend. Jane’s wit and vulnerability made for a stellar workshop on key elements of humour writing.

Jane’s memoirs are all infused with heartfelt humour and honesty that makes a reader feel part of her stories. Her most recent memoir, ‘Open House – A Life in Thirty-Two Moves’ was just long listed for the 2021 Leacock Medal for Humour! Hip-hip-hooray!

To find out more about Jane Christmas, CLICK HERE!

Can we get a vegan donut up in here?

Thank you sooo much to the Literary Arts Windsor family who so kindly had four *deeeelicious* Plant Joy vegan donuts delivered to my door in thanks for hosting their YA event last week. I DEVOURED that cookies & cream donut in about thirty-seven seconds. I highly recommend eating as many Plant Joy vegan donuts as possible.

To order yours, CLICK HERE.

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