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Poem 111 – his sweater on the fourth day & PIV & New YPL!

his sweater on the fourth day

Holding dog hair in clumps like April snow on branches. Heavy with the surprise of the weight I carry on my shoulders. (Also like April snow on branches, folding into each other as if to say ‘can you feel this too?’ then the wind comes & blows off chunks & curtains of white like a photo filter but better because it’s real. The confusion of this unpredictable precipitation lives like art.) Sleeves stretched from nights on the sofa watching West Wing & Fear the Walking Dead. Collar curved out of itself from an afternoon on the back of the office chair, sifted with skin & silver strands plus cracker crumbs & this morning great streaks of oil patchouli on the wrists & torso because the smell reminds me of my mom & I miss her.


Congratulations to Windsor poet Alex-Andrei (Alexei) Ungurenasu (they/them) who was chosen as our next Youth Poet Laureate! The City of Windsor announced this news yesterday which is during National Poetry Month.

To find out more about Alexei’s YPL goals and writing life, please READ THIS.

POETS RULE! Congratulations Alexei!

Poetry In Voice Virtual National Finals April 22!

The Online National Finals is just ONE day away! Poetry in Voice is Canada’s poetry recitation competition and hub for all things poetry for youth. Students from high schools across the county choose 1-2 poems in English and/or French, memorize and recite the poems in live competitions starting in classes and then moving to school-wide, province-wide and finally to the country-wide competition. This is an incredibly inspiring and emotional poetic exultation that brings youth deep into poems from our past and present and celebrates spoken word and the power of poetry.

Tune in to poetryinvoice.com this Thursday, April 22 @ 8pm Eastern to witness the amazing competition and find out who will take first prize!

Here’s a video preview to wet your excitement! WATCH HERE!

One thought on “Poem 111 – his sweater on the fourth day & PIV & New YPL!

  1. Wonderful poem! Your words “ connect with readers”

    And , Alexei will be great! He describes himself as” a sunflower in a city of roses” Believe me, that “ resounded with City Hall!

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