On Writing

Poem 115 – Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

back at the dining room table
cooling coffee
coffee breath thick
four pens
three journals
two markers
hand-written poems
on pretty pink paper
the tops ragged from
tearing them off the pad
overflowing bread basket
recycled paper napkins
too many to fit in the holder
so they topple under the
laptop cord & virtual school
print-outs the napkin holder
holding up Miller’s cell phone
the Mega To Do List
this poem number one

I gaze out the windows
into the backyard
yesterday’s clothes
still on the line
waving like leaves
drying from last
evening’s rain

STILL FLOATING on the joy…

…of being a part of CBC Books Spring 2021 Poetry must-reads list! Thank you to everyone for sending beautiful messages of support and congratulations!

My tummy is a butterfly sanctuary – a full-flutter! My book launch is THIS THURSDAY! *she slaps her forehead*

Working out the last few technology challenges…but will be so ready to share ‘Thimbles’ with everyone!

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