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Poem 114 – Celebrat’ry Musts & CBC Books

Celebrat’ry Musts

in celebration of Earth Day, Shakespeare’s birthday & Indie Bookstore Day

such celebrat’ry musts
indie bookst’res

such int’rtwin’d charm
star seeds to trees
turneth to pap’r holding
inky w’rds writ by lov’rs
of life and language
did press to pages
splay’d on shelves
books yond art alive

and at which hour did light’racy wanes
moth’r nature spins h’r skirts
and lifts our spirits with 
h’r winds of wisdom

constant unstoppable st’ries
f’r this we ho’rah!
bray out the pow’r of w’rds
honour the earth in h’r grace and giving
shopeth local

*I wrote this poem then put it through the Shakespearean language translator!


I just about passed out when I saw this morning on Instagram that CBC Books has included Thimbles in its top 55 books of poetry to read this spring! I share the list with 54 other incredible poets, some of whom are my idols (!), but there you have it. Me. On the list with the others!

This includes Margaret Christakos and Tolu Oloruntoba, my fellow Palimpsest Press-ers who I have the joy of sharing a spring launch event with on May 13! CLICK HERE TO JOIN US!

Thank you CBC Books and Palimpsest Press for making this poet’s dreams come true!

To view the full list, CLICK HERE!

Congratulations poets!

Margo’s here too!

Margo Wheaton is on the list too! Joining David Adams Richards for their book Wild Green Lights! Margo and I have our virtual event on May 20th wherein we’ll talk about writing poetry about family…and how it feels to make a CBC books list!

Congratulation Margo and David!


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