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Poem 133 – Sapphic Voltas & Spring Launch Tonight!

Sapphic Voltas

What if today I give worry a fiddle?
Let finishing plunder & instead diddle?
Deep laugh at pain & embrace the middle?

Release the riddle

I got this great book entitled: Poetry 101: A Crash Course in Poetry by Susan Dalzell. Today’s poem is written in Sapphic meter. “…attributed to the poet Sappho, this meter consists of three lines of eleven syllables and a final line of five syllables.” (pg. 22) A volta or turn, “occurs in the ninth line [of a sonnet]. It introduces a new idea into the poem’s narrative or argument.” (pg. 38)

Palimpsest Press Spring Book Launch Tonight 8pm!

I’m so excited to share words with Margaret, Tolu, Nathanial and Jim at tonight’s Palimpsest Press Spring book launch! There’ll be poetry, prose and proud writers! You can still register today! The event starts promptly at 8pm! See you then and thank you for your support!


Tomorrow night: poetry w/ the west!

Tomorrow at 10:30pm Windsor-time, I’ll be sharing poetry with the folks in Victoria, BC at Planet Earth Poetry! An open mic starts the reading, followed by a featured reading by yours truly! If you’re up for some late night poetry, join us! If you’re in the Pacific time zone – we’ll see you at 7:30pm!

This a zoom event. No preregistration is required.

Here’s the info to join us at 10:15pm EST/7:15pm PST:


Want to sign up for the open mic? LINK HERE

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