On Writing

Poem 166 – Missing I

Missing I

It’s true
Its person
Their sight
Over there
Is where
They wear
Their flare
They’re fair
In their
Sharing, still
Sometimes it’s
The smallest
Things they
Miss like
The Mrs.
Missing her
Right eye
While she
Writes out
The story
Of where
It went

Live on Instagram w/ Dream Poet For Hire!

On Monday, June 28th, at 8pm join myself and fellow poet-on-demand Marshall James Kavanaugh as we read poetry and talk poetry and write poetry! Discover the magic of writing a poem on the spot! Tell us what you want to us to write about! Featuring our magical typewriters!

We’re on instagram live starting at 8pm on the 28th.

Our handles:

@shieldsvanessa @dreampoetforhire

Pssst. That to the left is the poem that Marshall wrote for us when we met in New York City!

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