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Poem 184 – Because & Thimbles Book Review


Because I said in a writing workshop there’s little room for because in a poem
Because every word matters
Because you are your words
Because I am my words
Because subordinating conjunctions are necessary and important
Because it is be + cause
Because be the cause
Because it looks so pretty in cursive
Because it can start a sentence
Because because because because because! because of the wonderful things he does!
Because poetry
Because play
Because love
Because change
Because possibility

Thank you Dorothy for the inspiration!

Thimbles book review by Kim Fahner

Thank you so very much to brilliant poet, teacher, playwright and friend Kim Fahner for this beautiful review! Kim has been a steady support lifting up the light of Thimbles from the very beginning with her heart-felt blurb before the book was even bound! She is an example of how love thrives in our writing community. And, thank you also to Rob McLennan – another force in our community – for sharing the review on his blog, Periodicities: A Journal of poetry and poetics.

Without further ado, HERE IS THE LINK TO THE REVIEW!

Retreat day three…our final day together in this magical and creative space…feeling calm and prepared…feeling productive and hopeful…feeling like I want it to last forever! The food, the friendship, the frenzy of creativity!

Happy weekend, writers!

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