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Refine…and Enough-ness

March second today. Holy balls. I woke up and immediately started to hiccup. Like, deep-lift-your-whole-diaphragm-up kinda hiccups. Not sure what that means...except that maybe I need to remember to breathe more. The hiccups lasted for about fifteen minutes. After I got dressed, tidied my mouth and face, and laid out my work for the day,… Continue reading Refine…and Enough-ness

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Winter Writing Retreat 2019

It's the final day of a four-day, three night writing retreat I'm having with my dear friend and writer Charis Cotter in house in a beautiful suburb of Toronto. I arrived at Union Station in downtown Toronto on Thursday afternoon lugging a backpack full of writing retreat necessities - laptop, journals, pens, glasses, manuscripts, oracle… Continue reading Winter Writing Retreat 2019