On Writing

Poem 211 – How the day gets away

How the day gets away

A quick conversation ebbs into an ocean of discoveries
An eye rest becomes a deep sleep under an afternoon sky blanket

A bite gathers courses and expands into dessert
A coincidental run-in unfolds into a magical meant-to-be

An email response thunders into a manifesto
A direct drive corners into a dynamic detour

Words delight and destroy
Reactions flutter or flow
Choice is a deck of cards 
scattered at your feet

The hullabaloo
The rigamarole
The just gotta
The almost done
The one more minute
The could we just

Organize the day into columns
we lean on weave around topple over

And there it goes    the day
skipping humming away

holding the hand of intention
sometimes it looks back
offers a wink

Is there a ‘stop-everthing-and-read-all-week’ week? Can we, like, start a petition or a lobby group or a twitter feed to make this happen? I would really be grateful for a week where all I did was read. Like a novel. Or a memoir. Or a poetry collection. Or all the books I’ve started but just can’t find the time to finish. For pleasure’s sake, you know? Are you with me?

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