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Poem 212 – Tell me

Tell Me

everywhere I look
things I love
sounds of life
slipping into my ears nesting
this extended arm of home
an outdoor sanctuary dotted
with purple-lipped blooms
lavender dries to perfection
bits of Paris bend into flower pots
book covers coffee mugs
steaming with comfort

the maple trees are fat green
heads – leaves luxuriating lengthening
like covid hair uncut for months
beautifully disheveled

in the distance a tall pine
reaches its double apex
into sunshine
cones dazzling beige
a hundred oval jewels
an offering to the crisp morning

everything I behold
I love
tell me, what do you see
that you love?
how does it cradle
your heart?

4 thoughts on “Poem 212 – Tell me

  1. love this! so evocative…

    On Sat, 31 Jul 2021 at 10:45, VANESSA SHIELDS, writer wrote:

    > Vanessa Shields posted: ” Tell Me everywhere I lookthings I lovesounds of > lifeslipping into my ears nestingthis extended arm of homean outdoor > sanctuary dottedwith purple-lipped bloomslavender dries to perfectionbits > of Paris bend into flower potsbook covers coffee mugssteamin” >

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