On Writing

Poem 306 – Monostich/Monoku – for dorothy

monostich/monoku – for dorothy

Meanings in pencil can’t be erased

My spine curves toward your wounds

Your ideas bend my soul to new light

In your laughter, a garden of joy seeds

You’ve taken it without permission – give me my breath back

“A lot has been said, and will continue to be said about one line haiku aka the monostich or the monoku.

“Sometimes one-line haiku are, or appear to be, a little subversive in order to tell a greater truth. If it’s too smooth it could be just a line of poetry, or a statement.” Alan Summers, With Words”

These one-line haikus or monostich/monoku were inspired by a delightful conversation about poetry at Gertrude’s Writing Room with poet Dorothy Mahoney. Thank you, Dorothy!

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