On Writing

Poem 321 – November Leaves

November Leaves, for Emmy

Really, it’s not up to leaves alone to fall
it is a collective agreement

by November life becomes about
what to hold onto & how

life becomes a story of precision maintenance
in preparation for an ultimate letting go
an understanding of the shift into a quiet
deeper existence for a time

& so leaves do what they do best in November
express – in their plight to absorb energy
chaos ensues & the damage speaks
in screams of colours beyond green

the ouch of yellow
the burn of orange
the rage of red

the spectrum of destruction is an outburst
& the tender truth of it all is that these slaps
of brightness were there all along
cradled in the grrr of green

& even though the fall is imminent
the whole process is simply

an exquisite exercise in recovery

Thank you to the family at Exisle Publishing for including my essay entitled ‘An Epic Love Story’ in their latest publication Turning Point. Congratulations to the many other contributors whose stories each are about poignant turning points in their lives.

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