On Writing

Poem 322 – Three Sakes

Three Sakes

I could take you to the very place but I won’t
it is thick here, heavy-curtained by blush insulation
I pull my palms down them, needing the sensation
of shard sharpness to burrow into my palms
prickling pain keeping me in my body

This person – a veil
thin, mildly see-through
w/ short skinny limbs like half-breathed thoughts
dishevelled hair as burnt as a November leaf in its final grasp

And in the end, when the vehicle smacked its left side into the thick, barky belly of the majestic Maple stationed like a soldier in front of his yellow-brick ranch on the lazy lane in the common collection of 1960’s built subdivision homes he’d always hated but endured for everyone’s sake but his own – the vision was delivered.

These three pieces were written during our Yin Writing practice this morning. I was thinking about beginnings, middles and endings. Each one is based on a prompt:

  1. Beginning: A paragraph from the book ‘The Merry Heart, Reflections on Reading, Writing and The World of Books’ by Robertson Davies. The prompt is part of a line from the paragraph on page 139, I could take you to the very place….
  2. Middle: On page 22, A paragraph describing, Demi, one of the boys in ‘Little Men‘, the third instalment in the Little Women series written by Louisa May Alcott. The prompt was to describe a person.
  3. End: Start and ending with the words: And in the end.

We wrote for five minutes for each prompt. Thank you, writers, for joining me this morning!

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