On Writing

Poem 326 – It Will Happen & Next Stop on the Virtual Book Tour!

It will happen

I wonder when it will happen
when I will take to the paint brush
or the sewing machine or the guitar
like i take to the pen when I’ll walk
every day nap every day read every
day eat healthy every day – help

myself to dirt or sand or tree
trunk or cloud or moon or star
the sun & I we are good but
in this moment when I am so
unsure about everything that
every day heaves at me I also
know in my bones that nothing
is actually heaved at all –

I wonder when it will happen
when I will take to this living
like I take to the page even
at its most terrifying I touch
it pour into it trust it like
there is no time only a spectrum
of sounds & breath giving
everything in perfect circles
of abundant peace that is
chaotically divine –

Virtual Book Tour – Connects with Halifax!

Yay! On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, Halifax poet Margo Wheaton and I are zooming together and bringing your our favourite poetry from our poetry collections – some new, some old, all with ‘family’ at the heart.

This is a rescheduled virtual tour event and we’re thrilled to be reading together finally! Thank you very much to the Writers Union of Canada for a grant for this reading! #twucrules

This event starts at 7pm EST/8pm ALT via zoom. We will send you the zoom once you register with us. To register, email shieldsvanessa@gmail.com as soon as you know you can make it!

We encourage friends to keep on their cameras and only unmute for the q&a portion at the end. The chat will be open the entire event. Please be kind!

See you then!

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