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Poem 327 – First Kiss

First kiss

it is all frayed nerves & flapping overwhelm
it is all electric fear & limb zaps
it is all blood & gore & rips & rage
it is the thing beyond a labour of utter ugly love

it is not snot-heavy on a freezing evening in a dirty alley
it is not horny-hearted on a dance floor in a skanky bar
it is not frothy-forbidden on a couch in a professor’s office

it is stop the presses stop the room stop the clock life-changing
like the hearts of Romeo, Juliet, Tony, Maria, Cleopatra, Mark, Anne, Henry & the wrinkled couple on your street three doors down who still hold hands when they go for an evening stroll –
it is this mega this divine this extraordinary

it is me
it is you
your forehead
in vernix caseosa

it is me
it is you
tethered by blood cord & light
both of us shivering
both of us falling into each other’s eyes
that gaze that yearning that melting must of us

our naked knowing
my lips on your skin
the transfer in flesh – infinite

*Thank you to Jillian, sweet mentee, for the prompt: first kiss.

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