On Writing

Poem 332 & 333 PLUS Reading tomorrow night!

Poem 332 – Why I Forgot to Write Yesterday’s Poem

Why I Forgot to Write Yesterday’s Poem

it was Carlos’* fault
I opened his book
started reading 
& got sucked
into his labyrinth
one hundred pages
later & night was
pulling its star-studded
quilt over the sky
my eyes succumbed
to closing 
all rememberings 
for poetry
folded into his story
it was Carlos’ fault
& he’ll make forget
again – I can feel it

Carlos is Carlos Ruiz Zafón, author of ‘The Labyrinth of Spirits’, which I am now reading.

Poem 333 – Apex


[ellipses] & then I was at the apex
of a steep hill, balding, dirt-dried & dusty
tufts of thirsty weeds rigid with desire

I had chased her to the top
yelling at her back & before
that on a busy city street
clobbered with shoppers
& revellers, we screamed
at each other’s faces, chiselled
from years of anger & I wept 
in frustration as she twisted
my words into braided baggage
neither of us could carry &
she ran & I chased her [ellipses]

& then I was at the apex of a
steep hill, straddling its wicked
head, watching her stride down
like her legs were made of wind
fear turned my legs to metal
& my lungs shrunk three sizes
breathing a privilege she took
I knew i couldn’t go backwards
the steepness was equal on 
both sides of this dream –
I didn’t want to hurt myself
anymore [ellipses]

I was filthy, clothes ripped
skin so streaked with pain 
it curled up its edges like
pages dried from tears

I’d  lost her again [ellipses] 


It’s poetry time with Vanessa & Margo Wheaton! Do join us as we read our poetry, new and old, on the them of family. It’ll be an exciting and intimate sharing of beloved words and the process of writing about family.

To get the zoom link, please email shieldsvanessa@gmail.com.

Start time 7pm EST/ 8pm ATL – That’s for Margo – she’s in Halifax!

See you tomorrow!

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