On Writing

Poem 337 & 338

337 – Haiku for Carlos Ruiz Zafón

you did it again*
cleared my mind of poetry
I’m in your labyrinth

*Friends, it happened again. All day I reminded myself: writeyourpoemwriteyourpoemwriteyourpoem. And the day flew by with moments to fill with poetry…but instead I held up his book, Labyrinth of the Spirts…and I was gone. I stopped because my eyes were drying out. It was 11:45pm…all I could do was go to sleep. And so…another day with a double-up. (Do you think because I’m so close to the end, part of me is ready to be done this poem a day thing?)

338 – After Crafting

digits, swollen from use
needles threaded through rainbows
the filling of time with colours & craft
this witch on the spine of solstice 
heats in the pleasure of collective 
creating – sigh, oh, star-blitzed sky
dust over me as I dangle from the 
moon’s ample curvature & hold
hard this abundance into always 

Thank you to the stellar group of crafters who gathered at Gertrude’s for an incredible extravaganza of creativity! Photos to come!

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