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Prompt 24 – Owl – Ekphrastic writing & YIN link

Image: RS003
Illustrator: Madame Treacle
Genre: Ekphrastic writing
Prompt from Charis Cotter

RS003 by Madame Treacle

The Prince of Owls had some regrets.

It has come to my attention that on this sixth day of the Year of Our Owl, Feather-Father Chordon Aves, I, your humble sky servant, Prince Cervantes Owlton the fourth, have failed you as your leader in our flight against the Giant Pears.

It is true that my thick feathers and strong claws I believed were effective enough to remove said Giant Pears and deposit them gently in our tree-centre for this weekend’s Owls-of-the-Forest-Unite-Festival (OFUF), but indeed, they were not. Therefore, we have no delicious pears on which to feast.

I am terribly glum at this reality. I should have requested help. Instead, I spent my time gluing garnets on this silly crown hoping the bedazzle would pull your attention from the sad fact that we will have no Giant Pears to eat. Is it working? No, of course. Indeed. Ah-hem.

As a sign of my utter failure, I would like to ask, whooo? I repeat, whoooo, has a solution to our food problem?

Some words on the words…

So, I’m just about a month in doing 15 minute writing prompts for my new year daily writing challenge. It is much harder than writing a poem a day. I’m a bit shocked at this reality! But, I’m not sure it’s the style of writing that’s really the challenge. I think it is the challenge of doing this ‘one creative thing’ every day. Or…maybe it’s both! I mean, I’m writing way more words. When I create the little post image, there are more words there too…I feel like it’s a lot of reading for y’all…and my brain wants me to straight up stop. !

I won’t, but I will go with the flow of my creativity. What that means is, I may not write for the full 15 minutes. If I feel like I’ve written enough, and that’s before the 15 minutes is up, so be it. If I feel like I just want to write a poem, I’m gonna write a poem. If I want to write to an image (ekphrastic), like I did today (thank you, Charis!), I will. If I don’t want to use a prompt at all, but write about whatever – that’s what I’ll do. Is that, um, okay? We’ll see what comes of this daily sharing.

Thank you for your patience. Let’s keep this writing adventure thriving, shall we?


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One thought on “Prompt 24 – Owl – Ekphrastic writing & YIN link

  1. I love your Owl ruminations. Quite a worried owl. Contemplating the Moment. This was fun! and I feel your new take on the writing prompts is a good direction. Opens it up and gives you more freedom and opportunity for… fun!

    On Mon, 24 Jan 2022 at 22:08, VANESSA SHIELDS, writer wrote:

    > Vanessa Shields posted: ” Image: RS003Illustrator: Madame TreacleGenre: > Ekphrastic writingPrompt from Charis Cotter RS003 by Madame Treacle The > Prince of Owls had some regrets. It has come to my attention that on this > sixth day of the Year of Our Owl, Feather-Father Chor” >


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