The Writer’s Brain

Here's how it works in my brain. It's constantly telling me things to write.  What does that mean? It means that there's a voice (among the many, but one of the main, loudest most prolific voices) that's narrating narrations in my head ALL. THE.TIME. Example: Yesterday I went to Chapters with Miller and Jett. I received … Continue reading The Writer’s Brain


On Endurance

ENDURANCE "the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way" It takes endurance to be a writer. A whole lot of it. While the act of writing itself may not be 'unpleasant', it can energetically be difficult. Because it takes a bucket of small miracles to get one's … Continue reading On Endurance

Happy Hiatus! On the Ebb and Flow of Change

HAPPY HIATUS!! Um, do I have anything in my teeth? Bahaaaaaa!! For years, I've been taking photos of myself with chunks of chocolate in my teeth. A friend suggested that I make a coffee table book. Ha! That's actually a really great idea! I think this photo does a wonderful job of summing up this … Continue reading Happy Hiatus! On the Ebb and Flow of Change

Back to it – #TheGuesser #Hangman

I'm reverting. Reverting back to writing because I love it. Because it makes me feel alive. Because I have a story to tell. I kinda lost this soul-connection over the last year. I wrote a lot in 2016 - indeed! I feel proud of the writing, but there was always gobbledeegoop mixed up in the 'where'. In … Continue reading Back to it – #TheGuesser #Hangman