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Twenty Questions with memoirist Harriet Bernstein – Part 1 of 2

Writer Harriet Bernstein is a force. A woman with a life story that rivals any Hollywood romantic drama Academy Award winning film. I think maybe Meryl Streep could play present-day Harriet...looking back over a lifetime of adventures. She'd at least get nominated for an Oscar! To play the leading man? Hmmm. Antonio Banderas, perhaps? But… Continue reading Twenty Questions with memoirist Harriet Bernstein – Part 1 of 2

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Gobble Gobble Grateful

I'm feeling inspired and grateful. Grateful that I'm feeling inspired. The hubby and I had a date to the movies this afternoon. We watched 'A Star Is Born' - the remake written, directed and starring Bradley Cooper, and featuring Lady Gaga and Sam Elliot, Anthony Ramos, Andrew Dice Clay, and loads of other incredible actors.… Continue reading Gobble Gobble Grateful

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Silver Linings – Grant Applications

Grant applications are never simple. They take long to put together. We have to use a different language when answering the questions. We have to ask friends for letters of support and/or reference. We have to pay for photocopying and postage. (Yes, some granters are attempting to shift away from postage and go 'all digital'… Continue reading Silver Linings – Grant Applications

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An Open Letter To David Sedaris

(Attention: Curse words and jokes-you'll-only-get-if-you-were-at-the-reading - including talk of poop -, forthcoming.) Dear David, You mother cusser! That's the worst of my road-rage language when I'm driving with my kids in the car. They're 9 and 11 years old, and can appreciate a good swear, but I'm trying to lead by example, so instead of… Continue reading An Open Letter To David Sedaris

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Workshop Reaction: “Unparalleled in our community”

I gave a 2hour workshop on the Art of Journal Writing this past week. Invited by Creative Living Series creator and host, Ruth Ann Wilhelm, I was filled with joy to be asked to participate. The workshop was a grand success - which for me is defined by the following (this list extends to event/speech/lecture/reading)… Continue reading Workshop Reaction: “Unparalleled in our community”

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Guest Interview – Charis Cotter! Author of ‘The Painting’

  It's book launch day for author Charis Cotter! Congratulations Charis, on this your TENTH published book, The Painting!  Charis and I met while preparing for a panel we were both on at Writers' Union of Canada conference out east in St.John's in Newfoundland. It was pretty much love-at-first-email, and we've been close friends since!… Continue reading Guest Interview – Charis Cotter! Author of ‘The Painting’

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David Brydges – Gathering & Sharing Poetry

I've always believed that being a writer, a poet - being an artist of any kind - means that our art expands from our souls to the page to the canvas or brick wall - into the world where others can experience it. In doing so, in the sharing of our art, we can connect with… Continue reading David Brydges – Gathering & Sharing Poetry

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Guest Writer Interview with Richard Scarsbrook

Ah, Richard. I met Richard at BookFest Windsor a few years ago. He was one of the YA (young adult) authors in attendance at the festival, and he participated in the award ceremony for the student writing contest winners. By 'participate' I mean he gave a kick-ass, engaging, entertaining and heartfelt talk to the students… Continue reading Guest Writer Interview with Richard Scarsbrook