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Guest Writer – Alex Stefansson

Over a year ago (at least), Alex and I met on Goodreads. I tend to write book reviews there, especially if I love the book. Alex read one of my reviews and made contact. Thus began our blooming cyber-book-loving relationship! Gotta love the world wide web. I soon found out (by being my nosey self)… Continue reading Guest Writer – Alex Stefansson

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Poetry On Demand Volume 2 – NOW AVAILABLE!

$10.00 ISBN: 978-0-9812569-1-7 Ladies and gentlemen, I'm extremely excited to present you Poetry On Demand Volume 2!! This tremendous collection of poetry made 'on demand' is written by myself, Vanessa and stellar poet, Karen Rockwell! This collection is filled with witty, family-friendly poetry that was written over the last two years, mostly at local art… Continue reading Poetry On Demand Volume 2 – NOW AVAILABLE!

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July Guest Writer – Robin Martin-Duttmann

image: http://themediaplex.com/author-debuts-new-book-in-amherstburg/ I had the pleasure of meeting writer and mother Robin Martin-Duttmann through close friends. We immediately connected and started to talk 'books' and 'writing'. Duttmann has been an Educational Assistant at the elementary school level for the past twelve years. Her first book, Zoo on the Moon, is a children's book garnering awards… Continue reading July Guest Writer – Robin Martin-Duttmann

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E-books & Self-Publishing – Your cliff edge or your lit tunnel?

I've been having a lot of conversations about self-publishing lately. Not just in my head either. With actual people - writers - who are standing on the edge of the 'should-I-or-shouldn't-I' cliff. In my world - the edge is definitely attached to a very high, very jagged, very scary looking cliff. Below is a deep… Continue reading E-books & Self-Publishing – Your cliff edge or your lit tunnel?