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And then – a day opens!

Last night after I watched 'A Few Good Men' (I was craving Tom Cruise, what can I say?), I looked in my datebook to see what was on the schedule for today. I did a little jig when I saw that the day was open until 5pm! A whole day to fill up with...with what?!… Continue reading And then – a day opens!

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Guest Writer *Book Launching March 28* Brittni Brinn

Introducing authoress Brittni Brinn! I am a happy to share this interview with her - with you! And share information about Brittni's upcoming book launch - because it's something to celebrate! The Patch Project is Brittin's first published novel. Here's a brief synopsis: "When most of the world inexplicably disappears overnight, only small patches of… Continue reading Guest Writer *Book Launching March 28* Brittni Brinn

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David Brydges – Gathering & Sharing Poetry

I've always believed that being a writer, a poet - being an artist of any kind - means that our art expands from our souls to the page to the canvas or brick wall - into the world where others can experience it. In doing so, in the sharing of our art, we can connect with… Continue reading David Brydges – Gathering & Sharing Poetry

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Wounded Writers Ask – Free Write #19 – Takes

Pick a memory – this can be a childhood one or something that happened just last week – and write it down so that it reads like a headline. Try to select one word that you can repeat throughout the takes. Next, explore your memory as a series of takes by writing as many as… Continue reading Wounded Writers Ask – Free Write #19 – Takes