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Success Story! ‘Unseen Realities’ E-Book Published on Amazon

I am just over-the-moon with this incredible success story! I’ve been mentoring/editing and revising a novel by local writer Gordon Stallard for the past several years. We met at one of my creative writing classes many years ago. About a year after the class, I got an email from Gordon telling me that he’d written … Continue reading

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Poetic Opinions – On Fees, Dues and Definitions

It’s National Poetry Month for at least another week and a bit so I think it’s high time I write this particular blog. I’m gonna give you some transparency here. People ask me all the time ‘how do you do it’? I’m not sure that they’re asking specifically about how I exist as a professional … Continue reading

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Poetry On Demand – for National Poetry Month and Forever

So, if you don’t know it yet, I do this thing called Poetry On Demand. It’s LIVE, INTERACTIVE, ON-DEMAND-POETRY-MAKING (yes, I’m yelling). I’ve been doing it for close to five years now. At festivals. In classrooms. On stages. And tomorrow morning – on the freakin’ radio, yo. Check it. 8:10am on 97.5FM – CBC Radio. Windsor Morning … Continue reading

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Poetry On Demand Volume 2 – NOW AVAILABLE!

$10.00 ISBN: 978-0-9812569-1-7 Ladies and gentlemen, I’m extremely excited to present you Poetry On Demand Volume 2!! This tremendous collection of poetry made ‘on demand’ is written by myself, Vanessa and stellar poet, Karen Rockwell! This collection is filled with witty, family-friendly poetry that was written over the last two years, mostly at local art … Continue reading