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Success Story! ‘Unseen Realities’ E-Book Published on Amazon


I am just over-the-moon with this incredible success story! I’ve been mentoring/editing and revising a novel by local writer Gordon Stallard for the past several years. We met at one of my creative writing classes many years ago. About a year after the class, I got an email from Gordon telling me that he’d written a novel and he wondered if we could connect to work together on editing and revising. Since this is one of my passions and I could hear and feel the excitement (and anxiety!) in Gordon’s voice, I said yes. For close to two years, we met once a week to edit his novel. Then we sent it to another editor for outside comments (essential!), and one cold day in February, the book was complete! What a grand success! Gordon moved forward with a query letter and sent out his book to agents to see if he could catch anyone’s attention. While he did get some positive responses, after about 8 months of waiting, Gordon got a bit antsy. He did research on Amazon publishing – and voila! His book is now available on Kindle e-book!

This is a success story on many levels:

  1. Gordon wrote a novel – having never done anything like that before!
  2. Gordon connected with a writer/mentor for guidance and edits.
  3. Gordon put in the time and effort to get this book to a place where he was proud of the story and it was a solid story that he knew in his heart folks would want to read.
  4. He tried to get an agent. After waiting…he decided to go a different route. (This takes a lot of decision-making, research and patience!)
  5. Now, Gordon is a self-published author with a completed book, a snazzy cover, and his story available to the world for a mere $5.99!
  6. And – we’re working on editing his next novel!!

There’s no doubt the publishing industry is spreading its wings to include so many different ways of getting our stories into the hands of readers. What will always remain, however, is the fact that the work needs to be done to write the book – write it well – get it edited by someone other than yourself, and then give yourself the time to figure out how to get it published.

I’m pleased to share the link to Gordon’s book with you!

Buy the Kindle e-book here!

Gordon is also on Twitter @Gordon_Stallard and @Unseen_Realitie. He also has a website:

Congratulations again, Gordon!! I’m so happy that you contacted me so many years ago! High-fives all around!

3 thoughts on “Success Story! ‘Unseen Realities’ E-Book Published on Amazon

    1. It was a long haul, but the man’s got hutzpah…is that how you spell it? Plus, as his editor and literary guide, I wouldn’t let him NOT get his work out there! Thanks for reading and responding!!


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