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Dream, Book, Moon

I just googled 'bats' thinking I'd put an image of a bat here because I had wild dreams about bats last week. As soon as I saw a photo of a bat in flight, it occurred to me that bats are a hot subject these days. That it is from a bat, some say, that… Continue reading Dream, Book, Moon

On Writing

Carried by…#morningcoffeesessions Day Two

This is what my writing space looks like. It's an easy link click into zoom then I join 140+ writers from around the country, and we listen to Chris' smooth voice, and we are guided to write, write, write. It is simple. It is generous. It is inspiring. It is an important way to clear… Continue reading Carried by…#morningcoffeesessions Day Two

Gertrude's Writing Room · On Writing · Writing Life

High School Dream (Recurring)

I had a recurring dream last night. It's the one where I'm back in high school (Go Raiders! Assumption College School) and I'm late for a class. Also, all my assignments are late or I can't find them. There are hundreds of students around, uniform-clad, moving in slightly slow motion, and seemingly calm. Me, I'm… Continue reading High School Dream (Recurring)