On Writing

Carried by…#morningcoffeesessions Day Two

This is what my writing space looks like. It’s an easy link click into zoom then I join 140+ writers from around the country, and we listen to Chris’ smooth voice, and we are guided to write, write, write.

It is simple. It is generous. It is inspiring. It is an important way to clear my mind and start the day by doing something I love.

I wrote another poem. The prompt: ‘These days I am carried by’…from a quote by a Vandana Shiva.

carried by

these days I am carried by
the bigness of the sky
for her silky colour
for her moody texture
for her humble releases
and the wild vastness of blue

these days I am carried by
the wisdom of the moon
for her shifting shape
for her iridescent face
for her quiet power
and the wild newness of less

these days I am carried by
the mischief of the sun
for her languid constancy
for her feathery reaching
for her freedom to hide behind
and the wild landscape of time

these days I am carried by
the patience of the seeds
for their strength to unfurl
for their courage to grow
for their curiosity to reach for
and the wild bumbles of bees

these days I am carried by
the brilliance of the stars
for their flickering steadiness
for their infinite stories
for their flirty invitations of
and the wild realities of distant existence

these days I am carried by
because they are
big and necessary
wise and patient
bafflingly discoverable

and I am small
trying on my significance
ignorant and impatient
bafflingly discoverable

dangling from the wild mountains of change

I am reading The Overstory by Richard Powers. I started reading it around Christmas…and it wasn’t planting. But now…it’s taking root. (It’s about trees.See what I did there?)

And speaking of Christmas, Jane Christmas will be reading from her new book today at 2pm! Here’s the Facebook Event page so you can get the link to listen in and ask her questions. Thank you technology for connecting us!

Happy Tuesday! Keep writing. Keep reading.

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