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The Virtual Writing Retreat – In Photos

Organize your workspace. Choose your writing projects. Make your schedule. Manage your tech. Detangle. Create a funky place to lean your cell phone. Gather ye, gather your snacks. Include water. Embrace the positive. Trust in the magic. Feel the love. Do the work. Be kind to your creative soul. Quiet the inner critics. Slay… Continue reading The Virtual Writing Retreat – In Photos

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The Virtual Writing Retreat

Pandemic times call for pandemic creativity. For your writing soul, for your creative discipline, and for your writing friendships, here's a how-to on creating your own Virtual Writing Retreat. 1.Choose a writing partner(s). Sounds simple enough, however, there are things to consider when building your writing group/pair. The most important thing is to be honest… Continue reading The Virtual Writing Retreat

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Refine…and Enough-ness

March second today. Holy balls. I woke up and immediately started to hiccup. Like, deep-lift-your-whole-diaphragm-up kinda hiccups. Not sure what that means...except that maybe I need to remember to breathe more. The hiccups lasted for about fifteen minutes. After I got dressed, tidied my mouth and face, and laid out my work for the day,… Continue reading Refine…and Enough-ness