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Behind the Scenes – Radio Interview #2

I wake up not knowing where I am at around 7:15am. This is a direct result of bed-surfing that happens on any given night of my life. I’m either in our bed with Nick and both kids, in Meeper’s bed with her, in Jett’s bed with him or in our bed with Jett and Nick (who both snore, by the way). I wake up startled several times a night and don’t know where I am until I look around for a clock. Not just so I know what room I’m in but so I can also see what time it is. So I know if I can go back to sleep or not. 

Last night, I started in our bed then went to Meeper’s bed then came back to our bed. I don’t remember my dreams. I awoke a bit startled, then relaxed a bit when I realized I didn’t have to get up that exact minute. I had trouble falling asleep the night before so after the kids fell asleep I went down to our t.v. room and watched a few episodes of ‘Felicity’ (Season Two). I had a brief but important journal then finally fell asleep at around 1am. I knew I had another radio interview scheduled for this morning. For some reason, which I think I’ve figured out now, I was more nervous for this one than I was for the first one. 

The interview was scheduled for 8:40am. This is leave-for-school time. Mornings are nothing short of hairy in our house. The kids like to sleep in. It takes rigorous coaxing to get them up and dressed. By some magical scheduled chaotic mess, we usually make it to school on time. 

This morning was no different. We were all up and ready to go for 8:30am, but I decided to wait and take the interview call at home instead of doing it in the car or in the parking lot at Jett’s school. Everything was going smoothly until 8:32am. I suddenly had to go to the bathroom. Miller started crying. I’m on the toilet hoping things empty out with speed and praying that Miller stops crying. Well, I finished my bathroom duties at 8:39am. I was trying to get Miller to stop crying when the phone rang. I let the kids know it was the radio station calling and that we all had to be quiet, please. Well, this just made Miller cry even harder. If you listen to the interview you can hear her. I made light of the situation during the interview and quickly walked with Meeps to the couch so we could sit and I could hold her.  She stopped crying. Phew! I finished the interview. It was quick and fun. 

But I couldn’t revel in the excitement. It was nearing 9:00am. I had to get the kids to school. Let me tell you what a difference ten minutes makes. I usually arrive at Jett’s daycare at 8:50/55am. This morning, it was 9:00am. The street and parking lot was a battlefield. Too many cars pulling in and out. Kids everywhere. Drivers trying to pass the school to get to work. I couldn’t pull into the lot because it was so nuts so I had to park on a side street. I had to walk both kids to Jett’s school. Miller kept telling me she wasn’t feeling well. I held her and hoped she was just tired. 

Jett made it to school with minutes to spare. As I was leaving with Miller the bell rang. I still had to take Miller to daycare and myself to work. The streets were busier on the way to daycare/work too but we made it without being too late. 

I was at work for about an hour when I got the call from Miller’s daycare. She had barfed all over. I had to go and pick her up. 

What a morning. 

I was able to listen to the interview later. I sounded happy and together. Witty and excited. It was a whirlwind as I expect most of this ‘press’ experience will be for me. It was certainly a family affair, the interview. So is my book. It’s the way it is, isn’t it? 




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