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The Truth About Barf

Miller has been caught by the flu that is traveling through little people bodies in her daycare. It’s day two of her being ill. At this moment, she’s sitting on the floor watching Jett play. This is the most she’s done since Tuesday night. This particular flu bug has taken residence in her little belly. It won’t let anything stay in there. Not soup. Not juice. Not even water. Poor little one. 

To give you a sense of how much puke there has been, I am on my sixth load of laundry in 24 hours. A mushy mix of jammies and blankets and towels doused in gooey barf. 

The truth about barf is that is really smells. I know this is obvious but after getting thrown-up on four times in a row, I just can’t get the smell out of my nose. Meeper’s skin smells like it no matter how much we wash. Cream helps. We were blessed with a night of barf-free sleep. I was pretty impressed with this. Come about an hour after Miller was up, the puke came again. Bright purple sprayed down my chest onto my legs and the carpet. We’ve since switched back to water as her liquid of intake. It doesn’t stain. 

I’m pretty sure the last time I threw up was when I was delivery Jett. I don’t particularly enjoy throwing although I know that sometimes it really can make you feel better. I tend to rid myself of the yuckies out the other end. 

I was snapping a picture of Miller this afternoon and at precisely that moment a crackling noise occurred in her bum region. What was a sad face turned into a big smile as relief hit her drawers like a sack of bricks. This is the photo you see below.

And so as I continue to wear my nurse hat and pray that this little bug doesn’t crawl into my system or Jett’s or Nick’s for that matter, I encourage myself to find the joy in a barfy household. It’s still here.

We take it one day at a time and one puke a time when one of us is sick.

Rest. It’s the best medicine.


Meeps – all smiles ’cause of what’s happening down below. (And also ’cause she’s just beautiful even when she’s sick!)


Goose – trying to avoid the camera. 


Meeps – picking her nose – also, good medicine apparently.



 Meeps – do you know what’s in that diaper?!



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