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Letter Writing Workshop A Success!

Summer Writing Workshop #1 – Letter Writing

One down – four to go!

This morning’s ‘Letter Writing’ workshops was just delightful. We talked. We shared stories. We wrote letters. We cried. We laughed.

It was everything a Sunday morning write should be – inspiring, productive, fun, emotional and fulfilling.

I was able to write four short letters…decorate them with stamps, colourful writing and love.

We talked about the how writing letters has been a part of our lives. Did you know I’ve had a penpal (a real ‘hand-write on stationary, put in an envelope, seal and mail kinda penpal!) since I was in grade six? We did the math, that’s like twenty-three years of writing. Isn’t that incredible?! (You’re the best, Lisa!)

Whether we’re writing to those who are with us or those who aren’t, it’s truly an amazing feeling to put pen (or marker or crayon!) to paper, pour out some good old fashioned love and write a letter.

Isn’t getting mail the best? You know what’s better than getting a letter in the mail? Writing and sending one.

Here’s hoping you give and receive some snail mail love in your life!

Thank you, Bump Maternity!