On Writing

Tags. I love you.

I just figured out how to ‘tag’ each post.

What’s a ‘tag’? I it’s a word or phrase that you want to use to help organize your blogs.


If I ‘tag’ (located in the POST OPTIONS – top right hand corner beside ‘Media’ in the web version of blogging) the word ‘workshop’ in a blog, it goes to the TAGS section of my main blog (below MY FAVORITE SITES lists on my blog main page). You can then click on the Tag ‘workshop’ and all my blogs that have the word ‘workshop’ in them will show up for you!!!

Seriously. I’ve posted close to 200 blogs. I’ve only just realized how to tag. Wow. Let’s not dwell on the past. Start now! I’ve started  to tag old blogs. It’ll take me awhile to tag them all, but I’ll do it. Because it’s soooo darn helpful!!! And I want to make this site as reader-friendly as possible.

I love learning new things!




PS. I just posted this WITHOUT tagging it. That was such a ‘me’ thing to do. Two and two RARELY equals four in my world. Wow.