On Writing

Tuesday’s Truths


In bed. It’s late. We should all be asleep, but we’re not.

I haven’t written in my novel in days. I found out this morning that I didn’t validate my NaNoWriMo stuff properly…yikes. A terribly patient and compassionate man from the NaNoWriMo family told me how. I blame virginous ignorance. I know how to do it now. Next year I won’t forget to validate. Mon dieu.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my assignment for the course I’m taking through the Institute of Children’s Literature.It’s six forevers late, but I’m plugging along. My story outline is due. This is a monster of a job. I’ve been trying to squeeze it in when I’ve got a few moments…which hasn’t been often these past days.


With the holidays super fast approaching, I’m finding myself doing holiday related things: cards to family and friends, buying gifts, making gifts, planning dinners and get-togethers. It’s a lot of work. I look very forward to being on actual ‘vacation’ and using that time to write.

I’ve been addicted to writing massive ‘to do’ lists and following them diligently, taking serious pride in accomplishing a task and crossing it off. The lists are longer and more demanding each day. And I’m still forgetting to do things. Isn’t that funny? I would be forgetting much more if I didn’t make any lists though, I’m sure.

I’ve just been requested to cuddle with Jett. How can I say no to that.

Today’s truth: When someone asks you to cuddle, stop what you’re doing and cuddle.

The words will be written when they’ll be written.