On Writing

Tuesday’s Truths


It’s Tuesday! Who knew?

I haven’t written a Tuesday’s Truth since before the holidays. It makes sense. I took a holiday. I went away with my family and I didn’t blog once. I didn’t even check my email. It was almost unbelievable. I felt very far away from everyone and everything ‘home’…except I felt extremely close to my family. Isn’t that what family vacations are for and about?

Tuesday’s Truth is that identity fattens with action.

Meaning: I can say I’m a writer all I want but if I’m not writing then I’m not living a writing life. I want to get fat. Fat with words. Fill pages and pages with words. My identity as a writer must reflect the actions I make every day to live and work as a writer. 

This is likely the only time you’ll read me write: I want to get fat. But it’s true. 

2012 is my year to fatten. 

Slam on the pounds of pages filled with words. 

Oh, and get an agent. And get a publishing deal. No biggies. Right? 

I’m back on track with my Tuesday’s Truth so if you’re paying attention, please forgive my absence…and expect me to be back with a vengeance.