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Office Redux – My Writing Space

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about my writing space. Here is where I sit to write or read or whatever. I prefer to do work on my website stuff on my desktop computer. It’s easier to cut and paste with my mouse, the lighting is good…It feels good. How my writing space feels sometimes helps me get the words out. Plus, this desktop computer has a clackety-clacky keyboard, which I LOVE.

I’ve added a fabulous new bookcase to the north wall. We cleaned out the kid’s playroom and opened up a bookcase that used to house toy bins. I promptly stole (ahem…moved) it to my office. As you can see, it is already filled with books. Specifically, all my ‘writing-related’ books that used to sit along the top row of the other bookshelf in my office (see below…below). Now, my books are an arm’s reach away. This makes me giddy inside.

I love bookcases. Case in point:

This floor to ceiling, IKEA-licious bookcase was built into the wall when we were re-designing our basement post-flood (don’t ask). Sometimes I walk into my office and just stare at it…gently rub my hand over the spines of all the books on it. GUSH.

The top of my newest bookshelf is a sacred space for it holds my CURRENT writing projects.

Left to right they are:

a) The YA novel I’ve been writing for three forevers.

b) The other YA novel I started earlier this year. It’s going through the advanced course at the Institute for Children’s Literature.

c) The ‘to-do’ pile that includes contests to submit to, things to read, things to do…

I haven’t had a designated CURRENT projects area in my office for a long time. Probably for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that seeing these piles can make me feel stressed out. Alas, I’ve changed this attitude, and now, when I see these piles, I get excited. I’m happy they’re there. I want to tackle them. Finish stuff.

I find that I’ve been doing most of the writing for my YA novel (the older one) on my laptop in various places around my house. For some reason, I need the mobility of my laptop, the small keyboard, the ability to move around when I’m writing this piece. It’s kind of a new thing for me.

But, the truth is that knowing this amazing office is here for me, knowing that the books are sitting happily on the shelf waiting for a sweet caress from my hand or my eyes, knowing that I have created my dream creative space in this house – makes the act of writing more possible.

How does your writing space affect your writing? What is your favourite part?

2 thoughts on “Office Redux – My Writing Space

  1. I also preferred writing on my desktop computer Vanessa. However, I am open to the possibilities of writing wherever I can in my new home. I have the use of a laptop and a comfortable recliner chair, and that’s where you’ll find me in the mornings. Tomorrow I begin my commitment to write for half an hour every morning. I can feel so much that wants to come through me and I am excited to find out what that is.
    Danah started me off with encouraging me to write about my painting on Pelee Island. That was the one thing I kept mourning the loss of after the fire. My painting was sitting on a table waiting to be taken to be framed and my journal sat on another table top. Both probably drenched.
    What cannot be taken away though is the knowledge that I am creative and I can paint and write anytime.


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