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3 days in august – City-Wide Poetry Call!!! Submissions Open!

I have the honour of working with Poet Laureate Marty Gervais, Black Moss Press and the Editing & Publishing Practicum at the University of Windsor as GUEST EDITOR (oh yeah!) of an anthology of poetry about Windsor.

Please click on the link below to see the poster:


The anthology is called 3 days in august windsor’s people, places and passions. If your mind is reeling with thoughts and words about the city you call home or the city you love to visit – get out a piece of paper or open a new word document and START WRITING your ideas down.

The cool thing about this anthology is that we’re asking you to wait until 3 days in august to do the actually writing (get it?). The dates are:

Friday, August 17th

Saturday, August 18th

Sunday, August 19th

This way, we’ll all be writing at the same time. Wont’ that be super cool? I bet that there’ll be some special creativity electricity vibes buzzing through all of our fingertips that weekend.

The submission deadline isn’t until Friday, August 25th – don’t worry, I’ll remind you.

And look, even if you’re out of town the weekend of the writing, NO PROBLEM, just write about Windsor from wherever you are. I bet it’ll make for some amazing poetry.

There you have it. Put your thinking caps on, folks. Get ready to write about Windsor.



3 thoughts on “3 days in august – City-Wide Poetry Call!!! Submissions Open!

  1. Vanessa, check your dates for the contest – there’s a little typo on the Saturday date. Also, does the poetry all have to be upbeat? Are you looking for just positive stuff on Windsor? Any room for dark?


    • there is?! yikes…you mean the deadline date? i’ll check it out…there’s room for EVERYTHING. light. dark. stinky. skanky. you think, feel, live it – write about it and submit! please!


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