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And still I submit

I haven’t submitted in a while. It’s because it’s taken this long for the sting of the last few rejections to subside. Alas, I’ve got new work that needs to get out there into the wide world of words.

I’m taking a bit of a different road this time, though. Instead of just entering contests, I’m just doing a regular old ‘submit’.

Yes, today, I will be mailing out three submissions.

1) CV2 – Contemporary Verse 2 – a literary magazine in Winnipeg. I’ve submitted one poem.

2) The New Quarterly – a literary magazine in Waterloo, ON. I’ve submitted one short story.

3) Tell Me More, a wonderful show on NPR, hosted by Michel Martin. She has a ‘mom’ segment every show. I’m sending her a copy of my book. Perhaps she’ll want to interview me about the chapter I wrote about my vagina. People always like that chapter.

I also will submit to Geist magazine’s Erasure Contest. Mostly ’cause I really like the idea of this contest, and ’cause even though I don’t win any of the contests I submit to, they publish my letters to the editor.

I will be spending under twenty bucks on postage, but close to fifty in fees and subscriptions…and a bit more for supplies (envelopes/press kit stuff/etc.). I am willing to pay the fees today. (I write this because some days I’m not willing.)

My sternum pretty feels confident today. (That’s where I feel my confidence, in my sternum. And you?) It’s nice outside. I’ve made the time to edit my work, read and re-read the submission guidelines, write a short bio and bit about what I’ve published thus far.

You gotta give yourself the time to do all this. Submitting takes time and patience and money. I’ve been working on this for two hours. And I have to finish up the submission for NPR still.

Yeah, I know I’ve received A LOT of rejections. (See photo below of my binder filled with them…)

But I can’t give up now, right?

I just wish that whoever reads my stuff…whether they put in the rejection pile or passed it on, would at least tell me if they liked it. At all. One line. One word. Something. That’s the hardest part. I never really know about the readers, you know? It’s the nature of the beast. I get it. But damn the beast, I say. Damn her.

Sigh. I’ll let you know what happens.

What have you submitted lately?

3 thoughts on “And still I submit

  1. I love it Vanessa! my binder is not quite so full, only because I haven’t submitted as much, but I got 35 rejections myself so far!! But two peices welcomed and one of the honoured…so, I won’t give up either! Though i may slow down some due to my new wonderful, crazy, love her to bits puppy.
    :0) Karen


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