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3 days in august – City-Wide Poetry Call!!! Submissions Open!

I have the honour of working with Poet Laureate Marty Gervais, Black Moss Press and the Editing & Publishing Practicum at the University of Windsor as GUEST EDITOR (oh yeah!) of an anthology of poetry about Windsor.

Please click on the link below to see the poster:


The anthology is called 3 days in august windsor’s people, places and passions. If your mind is reeling with thoughts and words about the city you call home or the city you love to visit – get out a piece of paper or open a new word document and START WRITING your ideas down.

The cool thing about this anthology is that we’re asking you to wait until 3 days in august to do the actually writing (get it?). The dates are:

Friday, August 17th

Saturday, August 18th

Sunday, August 19th

This way, we’ll all be writing at the same time. Wont’ that be super cool? I bet that there’ll be some special creativity electricity vibes buzzing through all of our fingertips that weekend.

The submission deadline isn’t until Friday, August 25th – don’t worry, I’ll remind you.

And look, even if you’re out of town the weekend of the writing, NO PROBLEM, just write about Windsor from wherever you are. I bet it’ll make for some amazing poetry.

There you have it. Put your thinking caps on, folks. Get ready to write about Windsor.


3 thoughts on “3 days in august – City-Wide Poetry Call!!! Submissions Open!

  1. Vanessa, check your dates for the contest – there’s a little typo on the Saturday date. Also, does the poetry all have to be upbeat? Are you looking for just positive stuff on Windsor? Any room for dark?


    1. there is?! yikes…you mean the deadline date? i’ll check it out…there’s room for EVERYTHING. light. dark. stinky. skanky. you think, feel, live it – write about it and submit! please!


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