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642 in 20 #2

Imagine a character at two very different ages, and describe his or her day at each age.

Character Name: Chloe

Age: 11 – Grade 6

Day: Last day of elementary school before summer vacation

Chloe’s general thoughts:

I better grow boobs this summer. I better!

Will Ryan pass me a note in class today and ask me to play basketball with him after school? I’m such a great basketball player. He’s seen me! He comes to all the games! I wish he would just ask me. Maybe if I hang around after school, he’ll see me and ask me to join the game. 

Mr. Teechher is so gross! He smells like B.O.. I’m glad I won’t have him another year. 

Becky’s boobs keep getting bigger. I don’t understand! Everyone (even the girls) stare at her like she’s a movie star. They’re just boobs. 

Harry keeps staring at me. I hope we don’t have to be on the same team today for any of the games we play. 

I’m so glad it’s the last day of school! Except…will I see Jason this summer? 

No more tests! No more studying! I can read all summer!!

Swimming lessons start next week already. I hope the weather will be nice and hot. 

I hope I get Mrs. Huntely for grade seven. She’s so cool. I’m gonna be in grade seven next year! Grade seven!!!

Oh my god! Jason’s passing me a note!!!

Dear Chloe,

Wanna play basketball after school? Summer vacation is finally here! I hope we can hang out and play ball this summer.

See ya.


Character: Chloe

Age: 25

Day: Wedding day

Chloe’s general thoughts:

I’m getting married in one hour!!!! This is really happening!

I wonder what Jason’s thinking…are we making the right decision?

I still have the first note he passed me when we were in elementary school together. He moved away that summer and I was devastated. No one knew he was leaving or where he went. 

I wonder if Coach will be here? I know she was busy with the basketball team getting ready for finals. I can’t believe I’m still playing ball! This wedding is bad timing, but I couldn’t wait to marry Jason. 

Where are my vows? Oh god! Shit…wait, oh they’re here. I wonder what Jason’s vows will say.

I’m glad I’m not wearing heels. Mom found the cutest white runners. She’s the best!

And Harry…I hope Harry comes. He’s my best friend. I know he’s shocked at the quickness of the wedding…but he knows me. He trusts me. He’s my Maid of Honour! I wonder if Kyle will come too. Who knew? Harry loved boys – and me! 

I can’t wait to see Jason! I have to see him once before the ceremony. I know it’s bad luck but I’ll make him keep his eyes closed!! 

“Mom! Please go get Jason! Bring him here and make him keep his eyes closed. I have to see him and kiss him before the ceremony!”




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