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Poetry On Demand Volume 2 – NOW AVAILABLE!


ISBN: 978-0-9812569-1-7

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m extremely excited to present you Poetry On Demand Volume 2!!

This tremendous collection of poetry made ‘on demand’ is written by myself, Vanessa and stellar poet, Karen Rockwell!

This collection is filled with witty, family-friendly poetry that was written over the last two years, mostly at local art fairs where we set up shop to do Poetry On Demand.

The original Poetry On Demand design (cover and interior) were created and crafted by Kate Hargreaves, so thank you again Miss Kate! This time around, however, I must bow down to the great Meghan Desjardins – ultimate editor and do-it-all-assistant, without whom this fancy little book would not have been done.

It is no secret that the world can always use more poetry. As always, I support and recommend reading poetry as often as possible as it cleanses and challenges the soul of humanity. Not to mention, it’s completely fun to read and share with family and friends.

If you’re interested in purchasing this new collection, please send me an email: shieldsvanessa@gmail.com. I’ll get one out to you right away!

We’re working on getting both POD Volume 1 and 2 up for sale on Amazon. When this is a ‘go’, you’ll know. (Hey, that rhymes!)

Support poetry – it’ll make you sexier.



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